Stewart Morris Partnership are a firm of Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers based in Leicester, England.  The company undertakes approximately 400 to 500 new commissions each year, which vary in nature from basic structural advice to moderately sized new build/ refurbishment projects.

The upper limit of the construction value based on current resources is approximately £25 Million. There is no lower limit to the value of construction work, which we can undertake.

Our investment in hardware, software and training has allowed the Company to undertake a wide variety of Project Types in house without the need to sub contract key elements e.g. site investigation work, Fluvial and Pluvial flood assessment work etc.  This facilitates the Company to offer a more rounded service to its Clients, with a quicker overall delivery and less risk of misunderstandings occurring between the differing disciplines that are necessary to complete a Project in the modern world.

This web site is intended to provide a brief summary of the areas of work we are engaged in, our resources and some example Projects that have been completed over the years.  Please explore the web site to learn more about Stewart Morris Partnership.  If you have any Projects that you wish to take further advice on, please call us on Tel. (0116) 254 6922 or email us at .